The Choice Philosophy

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  Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions –

During my 15 years at a Big Five firm, it was ingrained in me that it was not my job to make decisions for my clients, but to equip them with the right information so they could make the best choices for themselves. In 1985, the predecessor company to ‘Choice Solutions’ was conceived based on that same philosophy. Choice Solutions is a place where we train our team to give our customers choices that will not limit their future growth.  We believe that the choices you make today impact the choices you have available to you tomorrow.  It is our job to look ahead at your potential growth and provide you with insight into the technology of tomorrow, today.  A decision that locks you into an inflexible future, is the wrong one to make.

Our philosophy has led us through a continually evolving set of offerings, unlike our traditional competitors.  In some cases, our principles required us to stop offering some of the name brand vendors and solutions because they required their partners to only propose their solutions.  Such solutions locked customers into a future that didn’t allow them to take advantage of new technology innovations, which would have provided efficiency and experiences the business craved.  Choice gives attention to partners that are proven, reliable, game-changing, flexible, and that provide economical value – regardless of name brands. This has made us pioneers with the likes of Citrix, VMware, Riverbed, Nutanix, Cohesity, Ivanti/RES, and many more who have been acquired. Dan Tynan’s thoughts on vendor lock-in from his article, The Eight Biggest IT Management Mistakes, is spot on with the Choice philosophy.  I hope you enjoy!

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