As companies look to simplify their IT infrastructures, they are turning to cloud computing solutions like Microsoft Cloud services as a key part of their overall hybrid or multi-cloud strategy. Microsoft has developed the leading global cloud infrastructure to host an array of services from personal productivity office applications and data all the way to housing mission critical applications with highest availability and security requirements.

The team at Choice Solutions is focused on bringing the expertise, experience and strategic approach that your business needs in a partner when looking to adopt various Microsoft Cloud services, to help you fully leverage your entitlements and be successful with services.


End User Computing

  • Office 365 Productivity Applications
  • Citrix on Azure
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • FSLogix
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager
  • Exchange Online Migrations

Microsoft Azure Core

  • Azure Active Directory
  • MFA and SSO for Hybrid Cloud
  • IaaS with Azure Compute, Storage, and Networking


Why Choose Choice Solutions?

Data security is essential in the era of cloud transformation and cloud-based infrastructure to protect your digital assets and information. With the transformation to Microsoft Cloud and to hybrid cloud solutions, security is a complete paradigm shift from how we are used to IT security. We have advanced expertise on staff that are CISSPs with an in-depth understanding of Microsoft cloud security and architecture, and we can help your employees learn more about it as well so that your system stays secure even if hackers try to access your data.

Microsoft and Citrix have a strategic partnership together to deliver the flexible workplace of the future. Choice Solutions has advanced expertise to help with architecture planning and design engagements as well as deployment services for Citrix customers looking to transition into Microsoft Azure.

Azure Virtual Desktops (AVD) is an exciting new service and entitlement to many. Choice Solutions can help make sense of potential fit for your business applications, how it may complement or overlap from current end user computing solutions and develop strategy, architecture, and services to transition successfully.

Most all understand from traditional on-prem environments the importance that Active Directory (AD) has and the negative impacts to applications, security, and user experience when not set up correctly. Our team can help you resolve challenges in your current environment through our Active Directory Health Check Jumpstart, as well as develop plans and migrate to Hybrid Azure AD to move towards integrated identity solutions to meet hybrid cloud needs for secure access to SaaS, web, and on premise IT services.

For organizations interested in running business applications in Microsoft Cloud and Azure most of the architecture will consist of Azure Compute, Azure Storage and Azure Network instances and services that will be Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). You will still have a need to provide the security, patching, and management of the operating systems and applications running in these Azure services. Our team at Choice Solutions can partner and help with monthly Managed IT operational services to keep these systems healthy and available so you can be focused on your business.

Choice Solutions features in-house skilled expertise with a focus on Microsoft Cloud services with years of experience on traditional on-prem Microsoft infrastructure services as well. Additionally, we have integrated partnerships with other services providers that extend our reach internationally or in specific areas of security or subject matter expertise to provide robust turnkey services featuring top expertise with well-organized project management.


Choice Solutions is an authorized Microsoft Cloud Services Provider (CSP). As a CSP we can help your organization leverage and consume Microsoft Cloud services in the Omaha, Kansas City, North Texas, South Florida and Iowa markets, with many benefits including:

  • Monthly invoicing – O365, M365, Azure etc. only pay for what you use monthly.
  • No upfront payments – No hidden fees and no deposits for the services you receive.

If you have an existing Enterprise Agreement (EA) there are additional ways in which Choice Solutions can provide value in services programs we are accredited for and other means as a partner in your cloud journey.