Innovative Solutions


At Choice Solutions, our focus as cloud consultants is to help your business adopt simpler, more secure IT environments while improving the technology experience of your workforce. From the datacenter and cloud services all the way to the endpoint, our team will be there to ease and expedite the transition every step of the way.

Choice Solutions has a rich history and reputation for helping businesses and organizations adopt innovative IT infrastructure solutions and services to help forward-thinking organizations become agile and prepared in today’s dynamic marketplace. There’s no denying that technology approaches have evolved significantly — especially with the cloud transformation — and we know that the future reality for most organizations is a hybrid cloud approach.

Choice Solutions


As a business or IT leader exploring any of the following initiatives, (or experiencing challenges in those areas) we would love to connect with you, learn more about your needs, and see if we may be a good fit as IT consultants to help your organization through our technical expertise, innovative solutions, and breadth of industry experience.

Improving User Experience & Productivity 

  • Work from Home / Enable Work from Anywhere
  • Enterprise Digital Workspace Adoption
  • Transition to Microsoft 365 Productivity Apps 
  • Simple, Secure Endpoint Management Solutions
  • Cloud Telephony for Voice, Video and Meetings

Simple, Secure IT

  • Exploring Cloud Feasibility & Fit
  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure (HCI) 
  • Adopting Zero Trust Security Approach 
  • Cybersecurity Solutions & Services 
  • Network Infrastructure & Wireless Improvement
  • Rethinking Backup and Disaster Recovery Approach


As a partner we work alongside your technical team and project owners. This allows us to understand your goals and introduce technologies We know we have to provide the same aggressive pricing to benefit your organization that your procurement departments might expect to receive from online procurement houses, however, we have the in-house expertise to bring significant value.


Additionally, we provide ongoing managed services for businesses that would like a fully-managed, turnkey solution that complements constrained IT staffs with our managed IT services experts. We feature a 24×7 NOC with established tools, processes, and people, to be an extension of your team for part or all of your IT operational upkeep!


We feature an excellent Professional Services team to work with you on the planning, design, and deployment of our solutions. This approach helps you unlock new technologies and get started the right way. In specific areas such as Citrix, Nutanix, and Microsoft, we have an impressive team of advanced architects trained to engage in complex architecture designs and deployments.


When we partner with your organization, every interaction is engineered to provide what we call the “Choice Experience.” Delivered from a quality team of people with the right expertise, it’s our mission to empower your organization and we truly care about your success. We know that actions always speak louder than words. This is why, over time, and by consistently being available and approachable to your team, it’s our greatest desire to be viewed as a trusted, strategic partner for your business.

In-House Expertise

Our Project Services team features an incredibly talented group of experts, all with the advanced technical expertise in the areas that will best-benefit your business. In fact, several members of our team contribute to the technology community by staying active as champions and leaders in local and regional user groups. Additionally, our Managed Services team is fully staffed with in-house resources, 24×7.

Choices & Flexibility

A key principle of our business can be found in our business name — we specialize in providing choices. We feature some of the most innovative and disruptive technology partnerships in the industry, and place significant importance on the strategic nature of our solutions. This provides you with choices for the years ahead, and helps your organization avoid future vendor lock in.

Commitment to “Doing the Right Thing”

“Always do the right thing.”

That phrase is the cornerstone of our approach to serving others. We desire to provide excellence in all matters, while recognizing that perfection is not possible. When we do fall short, we will always be looking to make things right. Together.

Stable Team & Focused Mindset

At Choice Solutions, we are unique in that we possess a very stable team in our “Choice Family”. This benefits you as a customer through consistent support access to top technical expertise, from someone who knows your environment well enough to efficiently assist. When you make a technology investment through us, you can rest in the fact that we will be there throughout its lifecycle. We’ll not only help you get started, but will be there to educate and assist on an ongoing basis.

Technology Partners

Choice Solutions has an array of Iinformation Technology and Managed IT partnerships built around the principles of being simple, secure and automated. Giving you flexibility to scale and adapt to the changes of your organization. These technology partnerships are carefully vetted out to ensure we are offering cutting-edge solutions to our customers.