Part 2: How the Future of Networking will Shape HR

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Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions,

How will HR look in the coming years? As it evolves, HR will continue to find itself having a bigger impact on the employee experience and the future of work. From hiring, training, and firing, there will be a huge shift to enabling and empowering HR staff stands ready to take its place as a major player in working with your organization’s culture and growth plan to ensure employees feel valued and supported every step of the way.

Mobile workstyles

As people’s lifestyles have become increasingly connected so, too, have their workstyles. Providing employees the ability to work where, when, and with the device of their choice is of great benefit to employees and businesses alike.

Virtualization and social-inspired management stand poised to radically change how networking is designed and implemented. For example, AI will make mobile devices easier to use which, in turn, can increase productivity and decrease user frustration. And SDN offers a number of attractive advantages and benefits over existing networking solutions.

To transform the employee experience and provide employees with the tools they need to improve communication, collaboration, and connection, CHROs will be tasked with:

  • Making a thorough assessment of the organization’s current strategy to identify which tools are needed for your digital workplace toolkit.
  • Working with IT to develop a digital workplace strategy that has clearly defined objectives and tech priorities. What do you want to accomplish and how will you ensure it delivers corporate value?
  • Selecting the right tools and technologies that meets the organization’s specific needs. Facilitating collaboration and employee engagement should be top priorities.
  • Executing change management, providing the necessary training and communication channels your employees want and need.
  • Establishing metrics that let you measure success so to continuously improve the digital work environment.


Facilitating a digital transformation

Long gone are the days when the workplace was a fixed space where employees put in regular hours. An always-connected, instant access world has blurred the lines between physicality and productivity. As the work environment becomes ever more fully digital, companies must enable knowledge sharing across the organization no matter where their employees are located.

Now is the time for organizations to take action. The good news is you probably have most if not all the ingredients in place to make the leap to a more digital workplace.

Today, the question of where employees work cannot be separated from how they work. From closed offices to shared work spaces to autonomous remote workplaces, change has and will continue to be a constant in the modern work environment.

HR will play a major role in redefining the culture of work and designing a workplace environment that is increasingly flexible and mobile. That in turn will help organizations attract, engage, and retain the brightest talent, all while delivering efficiency and productivity.

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