Cindy Olson

Cindy’s life changing career at Enron has fueled her devotion to building cultures where solid values do not just exist on the walls of the corporate office, but are embedded in the “Hearts and Minds” of the people that work there. She believes that corporate culture is the primary driver of a company’s performance, yet is often over looked as a key business strategy.

The need for an innovative culture is more important than ever and through Cindy’s experience at Enron she played a key role in helping shape that innovative culture, becoming the first company to ever top Fortunes Most Innovative List for 6 years running. Through her actual experience, Cindy advises other organizations on what must happen to have that kind of disruptive innovation occur in an organization. With Cindy’s background and knowledge of technology she recognizes the criticality of an employee experience being delivered in a digital world and the necessity for HR and IT to partner to create Business Transformation. Cindy is adamant that engaged talent not only delivers on corporate objectives but creates better lives for the employees that work there. Because of Cindy’s passion for helping people love what they do and the effect it has on a companies ability to stay relevant and competitive, she has established the Choice Strategic Alliance.

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