How Technology is Shaping Employee Productivity and Engagement

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Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions,

Technology has dramatically transformed the way companies interact with their customers. Why is it then that more organizations aren’t using it more efficiently to better engage with their employees?

Positive employee experiences are about removing friction from work. Today, technology has a big part to play in developing more productive employees who give your business a competitive advantage.

Intelligent Workflows for Engagement and Productivity

Integrating technology is not about changing the common factors that shape a positive employee experience:

  • Forming and developing predictive work-based connections and relationships.
  • Designing physical work environments that meet current expectations.
  • Providing the tools employees need to accomplish their work.

By using tech to increase personalization, efficiency, authenticity, and transparency, Choice Solutions believes you  can create a workplace that builds a bond between leadership and employees and encourages buy-in on its vision and goals.

Technology at Work: It’s Complicated

At Choice Solutions as we have gone about helping customers incorporate tech into the workplace we know you will experience unforeseen consequences: employee anxiety and insecurity. The disconnect is notable, with 90% of C-suite executives believing their business pays attention to employee needs when introducing new technology but only 53% of staff saying the same. For example, leadership may believe new communications technologies are allowing employees to better collaborate while employees feel an “always on” environment is contributing to burnout and dissatisfaction.

The solution is not complicated. We encourage having employees take an active role in choosing applications and devices that help them perform better which, in turn, makes for a happier work experience. It is important to give employees “Choices” not just traditional brand name solutions.

What Workplace Technology Should Do for Employees

Choice Solutions believes technology in the workplace should benefit the human experience and enable people to be more productive, efficient and why we are constantly looking at new leading edge innovation . And it should facilitate the comfortable flow of people and ideas. So how do you go about creating an alignment between people and tech?

  • Recruitment. AI technology can be used to automate candidate sourcing, speed the hiring process, and give potential hires a glimpse into the tech experience they can expect every day.
  • Communications. There’s no debate over how social media has changed human behavior outside the workplace; nearly 80% of the U.S. population has a social networking profile. Giving employees social channels to engage with each other and the organization fosters better relationships while creating stronger attachment and loyalty.
  • Collaboration. From instant messaging to video conferencing, employees who are given tools that help them more easily access to do their work, talk to each other, share ideas, and collaborate more closely, no matter where they’re located, with their device of choice are happier and more engaged. And while these tools are most often associated with productivity, they can also be a factor in attracting top-tier talent and boosting retention rates.

The Takeaway

Using advanced technology to support employees in the workplace is a transformational concept and is catching eye of HR departments. IT needs to take notice. Organizations that embrace it now and work to get it right will attract, engage, and retain exceptional talent that is both more productive and engaged.


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