How IT an HR’s Collaborative Technology Execution Delivers a Better Employee Experience

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Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions,

The Road to Collaboration

A great employee experience doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Company-wide collaboration, particularly between IT and HR is what make it possible to deliver on the promise of a successful digital transformation.

Whether it’s creating efficient digital workplaces or discovering new ways to manage talent, HR and IT together are the driving force for a more productive culture and happier work setting.

What does it mean to deliver a better employee experience? It’s about creating an environment where employees are engaged, productive, and satisfied. In short, they feel fulfilled. Simple as that sounds, many CHROs and CIOs still struggle to deliver a consistently positive experience for their employees.

Here’s five ways to light a flame under your company’s efforts.

Talk Tech

More than half of HR leaders say that working with IT to improve employee experiences is one of their top goals. One of the best places to start is making technology investment decisions together to ensure solutions not only address complex business issues but also meet the needs and expectations of the people who use them.

Aim for a Single Platform

One centralized source employees can turn to for the answers they need removes the traditional complexity that comes from dealing with multiple processes and systems. An intelligent workspace is a win-win, with employees quickly accessing the information they need and IT never losing control of data.

Structure New Work Teams

The traditional relationship dynamic between HR and IT has been one of distinct departments operating in their own sphere. Today, there’s been a huge cultural shift, one that demands new talent and skills that make for easy informational flow between the two. The move to a centralized service delivery model leads to a coordinated team culture that has a positive impact on employee perception of the workplace.

Listen Up

Many organizations still fail to take employee feedback seriously enough to make major changes. The result? Employee experience suffers and time and effort are wasted on surveys that lead nowhere. It’s important to process feedback from pulse surveys, suggestion boxes, and open forum discussions and take steps toward positive change. When employees feel they are listened to, they’re more likely to stay invested in your organization’s goals.

Simplify Collaboration

Few employees want to work in a silo. They crave constructive peer interaction and value tools that help them work together. Designing a digital experience that facilitates collaboration starts with identifying the employee journey and reimagining it through their eyes. From pre-boarding to onboarding, acclimation, and learning opportunities, HR and IT can create experiences that inspire and advance a sense of belonging.

The Bottom Line

The modern employee assesses companies and makes job-related decisions based on what they believe life will be like for them inside the workplace. HR and IT must work together to not only create a good work layout, employee benefits, and retirement plans, but to design an experience that results in the most fulfilling conditions for an employee’s work and life.

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