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Choice Solutions CEO & President recognized at Citrix Summit and other Notable Highlights from Citrix Summit

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Anaheim, CA   |   Choice Solutions CEO & President Jim Steinlage was recognized at Citrix Summit as Citrix All-Stars for his and the companies long term commitment to Citrix and Citrix Summit spanning over 23 years of service with the Citrix partnership.

“As one of the first Citrix partners in the Central United States since 1993, we’ve seen Citrix advance its offerings from a single remote access point product to an end-to-end suite of solutions,” said Steinlage. “This strategic expansion has allowed us to solve increasingly complex business challenges, leading to large and significant wins across the country.”

Choice Solutions received the Frist Achievers Specialist Award at Citrix Summit in 2016 for obtaining specialization designation in Virtualization, Mobility Management, Networking for Apps & Mobile Security and Networking for Data Center.

Shane Kleinert, Choice Solutions Architect and Citrix Technology Professional along with other CTPs participated in a CTP panel discussion featuring Citrix and Nutanix discussing Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform and Citrix VDI solutions.

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