Managed IT Services in Omaha, NE

Located in America’s Heartland, Omaha, Nebraska is quietly one of the most successful cities for businesses in the Midwest. In fact, four Fortune 500 companies have headquarters located in Omaha, NE: Berkshire Hathaway, the Union Pacific Railroad, Mutual of Omaha Insurance, and the Kiewit Corporation, and many promising businesses have continued to flourish in the area. Put simply, Omaha, NE is a city conducive to businesses.

Here at Choice Solutions, we know that every successful business—from Fortune 500 monoliths to smaller family-owned businesses—is successful at least in part because of the IT solutions and software that make their organization run smoothly.

Choice Solutions’ Managed Services in Omaha, NE

In and around Omaha, NE, Choice Solutions exists to augment businesses’ technology needs by providing everything from cutting-edge monitoring technologies to cloud software options. Our services are extensive and comprehensive, providing clients with everything they need to run a successful business. These services include:

Hybrid Managed Services

Whether you’re running cloud-based services or you’re doing everything locally, Choice Solutions provides 24-hour monitoring, managing, and/or problem resolution for information technology systems. Most businesses use hybrid managed services, and our skilled technicians are equipped to handle every unique situation with the care it needs and deserves.

Managed Citrix Services

Choice Solutions has long partnered with Citrix, and today we stand as one of the most knowledgeable and skilled partners in the country. Our managed Citrix services provide active monitoring, management, optimization, and expansion using Citrix tools and specialists.

Managed Security Services

In a world where digital security is more important than ever, Choice Solutions offers monitoring, management, and remediation of security events.

Choice Cloud Services

Whether you’re using DaaS or SaaS or anything in between, Choice Solutions can help make the most of your budget with an accessible pay-as-you-go model to help a business scale up during the busy season and reduce expenses whenever necessary.

Tailoring Services Toward the Omaha Business

Choice Solutions offers Omaha, NE managed services as a means of helping with our clients in the area, and that means starting with an understanding of your business goals and objectives so we can customize those solutions. Every workplace is a little different, not only in terms of where it’s located and how it’s laid out, but also in terms of how employees interact and perform. By considering your budget and assessing the technologies already in place, we can develop solutions to any existing problems and help prioritize which hardware and software can be upgraded to improve your everyday operations.

With excellent restaurants, music venues, small businesses, and major sporting events ranging from the NCAA Men’s College World Series to the U.S. Olympic Swim Trials, Omaha is a city with a tremendous need functional technology. Choice Solutions exists to ensure that every business in need of that functional technology gets it. In fact, we want to take it one step further: the technology that helps your operation run shouldn’t just be “functional.” It should improve the way your business is run and therefore make it more efficient and profitable. No business in Omaha, NE is above those types of improvements, and we believe we are the managed services company to help make those improvements.