Choice Strategic Alliance

Igniting Connection Between Culture, Technology & Talent

The Choice Strategic Alliance is a group of CHRO’s and CIO’s, past and present, from successful companies of all sizes. Led by a former Fortune 7 CHRO and member of the 20 person Executive Committee of Enron. The group discusses real challenges and gains vital insights from world class thought leaders and market influencers who bring elements of culture, technology and talent together. Topics are disruptively innovative and focus on attaining and retaining top talent, productivity and probability delivered by the employee experience and innovation.  


Alliance members are obsessed with how to translate the capabilities of today’s technology to the needs of tomorrow’s workforce. We’re obsessed with facilitating their discussion and connecting them with thought leaders who are leading thought-provoking, disruptive innovation.

Strategic Leadership

The Choice Strategic Alliance is facilitated by Cindy Olson, an Executive Level Leader who, with the platform at Enron, built the first truly integrated Human Capital Management system in 2000. While there, she played a critical role in leading Enron to be the first awarded “Fortune’s Most Innovative”, six years in a row. Cindy’s life-changing career at Enron fueled her devotion to create healthy cultures of innovation, as well as her commitment to help leaders create companies where people do work that they love.
Cindy believes that corporate culture is the primary driver in a company’s performance, yet it’s often overlooked as a key business strategy. She and her team established the Choice Strategic Alliance to support the strategies they find critical to success, including:
Cindy Olson
Chief Human Capital Strategist

CHRO/CIO Partnership

HR and IT must truly partner if a company is to compete in today’s digital world, talent demands a consumer like experience when they work.

Retooling IT

The digital transformation and more “buy vs build” requires a dramatic shift away from legacy systems, requiring new skill sets and capabilities from the IT domain.

People Data

Data can’t merely record the past but must predict the future to help organizations drive business strategy through talent.

Get involved

The Choice Strategic Alliance provides world class thought leadership, in addition to the insights from these thought leaders. Members talk about issues related to talent, technology, data, metrics, and solutions. They share their own good practices, and get ideas from each other. If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

Be a thought leader

We are looking for the most innovative and disruptive thought leaders to present trends and ideas to C-Suite executives. Do you know something they don’t, but should? If you want to inspire and connect with leaders paving the way forward, let’s talk.