Choice Strategic Alliance

Igniting Connection Between Culture, Technology & Talent

The Choice Strategic Alliance is a group of CHRO’s and CIO’s, past and present, from successful companies of all sizes. Led by a former Fortune 7 CHRO and member of the 20 person Executive Committee of Enron. The group discusses real challenges and gains vital insights from world class thought leaders and market influencers who bring elements of culture, technology and talent together. Topics are disruptively innovative and focus on attaining and retaining top talent, productivity and profitability delivered by the employee experience and innovation.  


We believe that the CHRO and CIO must create strong partnerships and work together to achieve the future demands put on organizations to recruit, retain and enhance their talent.

Strategic Leadership

The Choice Strategic Alliance is led by Cindy Olson, an Enterprise Executive Level Leader who, using the SAP platform at Enron, built the first truly integrated Human Capital Management system in 2000 and was selling it to Goldman Sachs before Enron filed for bankruptcy. While there, she played a critical role in leading Enron to be the first to be awarded “Fortune’s Most Innovative”, six years in a row. Cindy’s life-changing career at Enron fueled her devotion to create healthy cultures of innovation, as well as her commitment to help leaders create companies where people do work that they love.

Jim Steinlage, Choice Solutions President & CEO, has been a part of the technology industry since 1970. In 2015 an energized trailblazer and thought leader crossed his path about the same time he saw a massive movement toward digital transformation and the importance HR would play along with IT in this movement.

That trailblazer was Cindy Olson. She is now using her life changing career experience as the CHRO at Enron, which at the time, was a 25,000 person organization, to bring insights to executives who are building cultures where solid values do not just exist on the walls of the corporate office, but are embedded in the “Hearts and Minds” of the people that work there. Through that unique experience, she believes that corporate culture is the primary driver of a company’s performance, yet is often over looked as a key business strategy.

The Choice Strategic Alliance is rooted in Cindy’s passion to help organizations be better. As part of Choice Solutions, the Alliance brings leaders together to gain insights from World Class Thought Leaders around topics addressing the employee experience and how to attract and retain the best talent in the World.

Cindy Olson
Chief Human Capital Strategist

Strategic Alliance Thought-Leaders

Through this Thought Leadership Community, we bring in World Class Thought Leaders including:

Israel Martinez,

CEO of Axon and a Cyber Risk Advisor to CEO’s, Boards of Directors and the White House.


Neel Gandhi,

McKinsey partner and contributor to the book “Talent Wins: The New Playbook for Putting People First.”


Bob Chapman,

Chairman and CEO of St. Louis, MO-based Barry-Wehmiller, who was recently named the #3 CEO in the world in an Inc. magazine article and is the WSJ Bestseller and his WSJ bestseller “Everybody Matters: The Extraordinary Power of Caring for Your People Like Family.”


Finally, we have Thought Leaders from Bersin by Deloitte, The Hackett Group and Alvarez Marsal, in addition the Executive Director of the Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck, as we believe that the CHRO, CEO, CFO and CIO must create strong partnerships and work together to achieve the future demands put on organizations to recruit, retain and enhance their talent.

Strategic Alliance Events

Thought Leadership Breakfast with Citrix EVP, Chief People Officer

Dallas , TX

October 22nd

Thought Leadership Breakfast with Citrix EVP, Chief People Officer

Kansas City, MO

October 23rd

Thought Leadership Workshop with Mike Kandel, WorkMarket

Omaha, NE

October 30th

Strategic Alliance In The News

View the latest news and information from the Strategic Alliance and Cindy K. Olson! Listen to the most recent podcasts,  interviews and keynotes to hear directly from the former Executive Vice President of Global Human Resources for Enron. Cindy brings a dynamic voice to the CHRO industry and continues to educate business leaders by bringing the gap between HR and the workforce through her everyday teaching. 

Breakin The Norm

Enron was once the most innovative and sought after company in the world. With annual profits in the billions, it was the gold standard of the energy business and Wall Street; however, arrogance and poor leadership, along with illegal accounting practices, led to it’s inevitable downfall. Hear the inside story from one of Enron’s executive leadership team and HR director, Cindy Kay Olson.

Something Extra

#ICYM Listen to Cindy K. Olson talk about the rise and fall of a Fortune 7 corporation and the endurance it takes to last on the Something Else Podcast with Technology Partners. Hear her story and learn more about what she is doing today with Choice Solutions and the Choice Strategic Alliance where we go around the country to 7 cities (Nashville, Houston, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Tampa & Omaha) and host thought leadership breakfasts and workshops with over 400 CHRO’s, CIO’s and CEO’s among the 7 cities.

Preventing the Next Enron

As a Chief HR Strategist, Cindy Kay Olson draws on her life changing experience as CHRO of Enron to help Fortune 500 companies build cultures where values aren’t just talked about but are on the hearts and minds of all employees. We talk with Cindy about her experience at Enron, how companies can apply what she learned, the role of technology in helping build and transform culture, and more!

Strategic Partnerships