4 Key Ways HR and IT can Enhance the Employee Experience

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Jim Steinlage, President & CEO of Choice Solutions,

By now, every CHRO and CIO knows how much the employee experience matters, and how businesses must continue to work ever harder to improve it. The arrival of a new year brings with it an avalanche of advice on how to go about it. Amid all the noise, one thing is clear: technology can and must be a key element to any improvements.

HR and IT working together

As organizations adapt to a new digital world, IT and HR have the power to increase value through employee fulfillment. Joining forces to increase staff engagement, redefine productivity, and advance corporate goals, the once autonomous departments now support a common goal: employee satisfaction through digital solutions. Here’s how some businesses are doing it.

Smart, faster, more meaningful onboarding

Pivotal to any digital employee experience is the first impression. Onboarding innovators are creating high-quality, personalized programs that are easy to follow and make the process a comfortable one. Technology helps in a huge way by removing outdated approaches like filling out multiple forms with the same information, replacing them with automated solutions that mitigate the drudgery of paperwork.

Tailored engagement models

Everyone from top executives to new recruits and interns has various needs that must be met to give them the employee experience they’re looking for. Just as every individual is unique so, too, should the engagement model crafted for them or their position be. Whether it’s working remotely or collaboratively designing growth opportunities, technology can be used to build an employee experience strategy that’s fine-tuned to individual needs. The result? More satisfied employees who feel productive, empowered, and motivated to stay.

Digital experience platforms

They’re where employees connect, collaborate, and perform the tasks that keep your business running. Online portals and smartphone apps are designed to provide a range of HR services including healthcare claim reviews, job transfers, vacation or maternity leave plans, and much more. Employees appreciate being able to access personalized and up-to-the-minute information whenever and wherever they need it.

Leveraged data

Organizations are increasingly adopting the idea that tech can foster connections between employees just at it does with customers. Data can be used to identify behavior patterns and then create customized employee experiences. As the transition towards a hyper-contextualization of the employee experience continues, companies will be better equipped to use data to improve overall job satisfaction.

A personalized employee experience is the future of the workplace. Companies who invest today in technology transformation for their employees’ benefit will quickly take the lead while those who cling to outdated models will be left behind. Where will your organization stand?

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